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This site is about our Family, ALL types of Gaming and Computers.  You can check out what we are doing on our Rec Room Cam (formerly know as the Computer Room Cam).  You might catch us playing games (computer and/or board), watching TV or just hanging out.  I have been adding things or updating about twice a month, so check back often.


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SE Wisconsin & NE Illinois Gameday Schedule

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Well, it looks like Sony won the HD-DVD war.  I guess time will tell whether Sony keeps it honest or resort to their old ways like using rootkits.

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Other Family Websites:

. Sacsquashes Home Page  (Zac Myers)   -   updated 6-4-2008

Zac has asked if I could set him up with a website so I cornered off a portion of my domain so Zac could do his own thing.  Right now he is still working on his content so I am sure it will get more exciting.

Wayne has made the following additions to his webpage:

    1. Added webpage for XBOX 360 Nascar 09
    2. Added video on Allison’s page of her in the Labor Day Parade
    3. Added webpage for Chicagoland race pictures
    4. Added pictures of Allison marching at State Fair
    5. Updated Alex;s page for the football season
    6. Alyssa’s first day in 4th grade

Well, long time and no updates.  I was taking a class on data bases last spring which kept me busy and during the summer I had computer troubles (I know it is hard to believe that I had problems with a computer).

I did well in my data base class and got an A.  It was on SQL and I did learn some things I could use at work, which was the intent.  Computer Problems!!  I upgraded to Fusion 11 (I have been using Fusion 8) to create my web page in May. Shortly after the upgrade my computer started freaking out and rebooting on its on and said that there was no Operating System. If however I put a Windows install disk in the CD-ROM and restarted it, it would start until it would randomly decide to restart  Well, it turns out it was a video driver issue and unistalling and reinstalling the video drivers fixed it.

After struggling with the switch from Fusion 8 to Fusion 11,  I think that I am ready to finally start posting some new news and pages on my website.  Fusion 11 has some new features that I am hoping I can use on my website.

Inntrepid   -   September 7, 2008

If you thought may game collection was extreme then check this out!!

“He who dies with the most games wins!!”

Contact me if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say ‘hi’.  This new web page designer makes it easy to do a lot of things. You can also post any comments in my Guest book.

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